Peonies + Coffee

Coffee and flowers {especially peonies!} make my mornings very happy. Remember this post? Well last week Trader Joe’s finally had some peonies and I of course immediately brought some home with me. Unfortunately they’re on their way out {the petals of the ones on my coffee table started to fall off last night} but I thought I’d take a few photos since they’re fully open and look absolutely gorgeous:


Here’s a shot of them on my desk with my morning coffee and toast {whipped cream cheese+jelly=yuumm!}:
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4 Responses to Peonies + Coffee

  1. :: Gina :: says:

    so perfect. :)

  2. peonychacha says:

    im a peony!


    They're beautiful! I've had them in my apartment almost every day since they came in season. They're the most perfect flower aren't they. My last batch is almost done so it's time to buy new ones tomorrow :)

    Hope u had a wonderful weekend! xoxo

  4. Louise (Table Tonic) says:

    I don't know where to start Arianna… Pink peony, pink laptop, the beautifully colour coordinated jelly on toast… The "A" mug… So gorgeous. Inspiring.

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