Glamorous Baths

Soaking in any one of these tubs would make anyone feel like a queen…

…and  would be such a fabulous way to de-stress after a busy week.  Wouldn’t you agree?

image credits: 1-photography by erica george dines, interior design by tracery interiors, via atlanta homes magazine, 2- via drummonds, 3– interior design by mabley handler via hamptons cottages and gardens 2006 idea house, 4– anita kaushal

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4 Responses to Glamorous Baths

  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog! I opened yours, saw the first image, and pretty much subscribed immediately. Amazing eye candy!! Have a great weekend…

  2. MyBlogAnnel . says:

    x Annelien

  3. Isabela says:

    Uau beautiful, very glamorous bathroom…….

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