How Laura Organizes Her Shoes

This month’s first guest participating in the ‘How I Organize’ series is the incredibly chic Laura of Laura Cattano Organizational Design and of the blog The Order Obsessed. She shows us how she beautifully organizes her shoes in her dressing area :

My dressing area is set up like my personal boutique with everything organized and displayed beautifully. This Lack bookcase from Ikea fits three pairs across perfectly, and there’s room in the back for my special occassion shoes stored in their original box. Positioning the shoes front to back saves space. Off-season shoes are put away to give more room and so I’m not distracted by ones I can’t wear now. 

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6 Responses to How Laura Organizes Her Shoes

  1. Erika Gregory says:

    I love the way you have organized your shoes. I have my closet set up like a boutique as well. This idea will definitely be used for organizing my shoes!

  2. Ashley @ A {Blonde's} DIY Life says:

    Oh I like the look of the lack bookcase to store your shoes!

  3. Leslie says:

    I love this organizational system! It certain is a more effective use of space than mine. I have this habit of keeping all my shoe boxes, because I like my shoes separated and it takes up SO much room!


  4. laura says:

    thanks arianna for including me! :O)

  5. Lily says:

    Love how she organizes her shoes ! Wish I had a set up like that !!


  6. blue fruit says:

    Brilliantly clever use of an ubiquitous Ikea shelf!

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