Trays for Controlling Bathroom Clutter

If you like having your products out where you can see ’em, (as opposed to inside a cabinet or a drawer), consider using a tray to contain them. They look so much neater in a tray than when they’re spread out everywhere, and, especially when the product packaging is pretty, can look like a beautiful little vignette.
Also, since a tray gives you boundaries to work with, it can help you edit down your products to just what you actually use on a regular basis.
image credits: 1-photography by lucas allen for domino via brides ; 2-into the gloss
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7 Responses to Trays for Controlling Bathroom Clutter

  1. Caterine says:

    i like it! this weekend I"m switching to a tray to see all my things better!


  2. Erica M. says:

    Thanks for sharing. I need to get my bathroom organized. I keep everything in totes now and im not a fan of them, but it saves space.


  3. Katie*Belle says:

    I'm a bit obsessed with trays, and these images are lovely!

  4. Leslie says:

    I totally use a bathroom tray and you're totally right. It really does wonders for my bathroom organization, especially since my roommate doesn't put much effort to keeping our place organized to begin with..


  5. dany chandra says:

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  6. Blue says:

    I use a tray for jewelry and perfuems, and that is so helpful! I dont forget about anything, but it still looks nice and organized!

  7. blue fruit says:

    Especially so because most cosmetics jars/ bottles are just so graphically pleasing, that it seems tragic to hide them away in a cupboard.

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