Lovely Find

Came across this glam brass holder and colored pencils set and thought I’d share.

Love how it elegantly stands upright and keeps the pencils so beautifully lined up. Perfect for someone who loves attention to detail.

image credit: via rsh
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6 Responses to Lovely Find

  1. Katie Bright says:

    How pretty! I love the shiny gold with the wooden pencils…gorgeous contrast. Hope you’re doing well! Xo, Katie

  2. Francisca Lopez says:

    Oh my! How awesome is this! Totally love it. :)

  3. Lovely! Such an elegant desk accessory.

  4. Love the idea…knowing my ocd self I would have to arrange the pencils in a rainbow order LOL

  5. LOVe love that piece, I think my desk NEEDS one :) Hugs,

    Nancy xo

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