Holding Makeup Brushes

Keep makeup brushes together and within easy reach by organizing them in a pretty little cup…

…or maybe a re-purposed glass jar or vase…

…and if you have brushes that are shorter than your container and consequently are inconvenient to grab, take a cue from the people over at the Makeup Box Shop (photo above right) and Carlee of Deliciously Organized (photo below) and fill a portion of your container with little beads or sand (or marbles). Doing so will help brushes stay upright, in place and optimally accessible.  How do you like organizing your brushes?

image credits: 1- photography by virginia macdonald, styled by samantha pynn, via style at home; 2- into the gloss; 3- erika of small shop studio via made by girl; 4- via made by girl; 5- into the gloss; 6- via real simple ; 7-photography by heather bullard, via this is glamorous; 8- thank you, ok blog; 9- via jessie lauren blog; 10-via the makeupbox shop; 11- delicisouly organized
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11 Responses to Holding Makeup Brushes

  1. I do clear old jars/wine glasses.

  2. Priscilla says:

    I usually place mine in a make-up bag but these images are giving me ideas. thanks!

  3. So many pretty cups/glasses to pick from! Mine are currently in a white, lace-y glass, but I’m always on the lookout :)

  4. JEN RAMOS says:

    i have mine in a white ceramic container i bought at west elm….so much easier to get to. Love this post and your new site looks great!!

  5. My favorite image is the first. I absolutely LOVE the vanity!

  6. Hey Arianna! So funny, #3 is my dresser/tray! It never gets old to see your own home pics on blogs you love. I remember that first image — I started at it for a long while. Soooo pretty.

  7. i really love the one with the glass and metal balls in it.:)

  8. Tia says:

    I totally need to rearrange my brushes! Very cute idea

  9. I keep my only two brushes in my make-up box. I don’t like make-up bags because they get easily dirty. This idea, however is quite interesting, i like best the last two.

  10. Eileen says:

    LOVE the white jars….. do you know where we can purchase these?????????/

  11. Emma says:

    Where’s the picture with the Chanel eau de cologne from? I couldn’t find it on the page you linked :(

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