Still Loving: Nailhead Detailing

For a couple of years now, spaces with pieces that have beautiful nail head detailing, whether it’s on a chair, an ottoman, a bulletin board, nightstand, or a headboard, have tended to catch my attention.  There’s something so elegant about that type of detail.  A few lovely spaces I’ve gravitated towards:

image credits: 1-via angeleno interiors, 2-sandra morgen design, 3-orrick and company, 4-via elizabeth kimberly’s flickr, 5-via high street market, 6-jamie herzlinger, 6-alice lane home, 7-andreas trauttmansdorff
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6 Responses to Still Loving: Nailhead Detailing

  1. The pin board one is gorgeous! It looks so classy. Though I wouldn’t want to cover it up because it’s so pretty

  2. anhesty says:

    i still find nailhead designs classy. i dont think i will ever get over it… great inspiration photos!

  3. Aleksandra says:


  4. Stacycurran says:

    I couldn’t agree more…here to stay I hope!
    PS..thank you for your nice comment day. I’m looking forward getting to know your blog better

  5. Wow…I just love all the white, it’s so clean and refreshed looking.

  6. Arianne Traurig says:

    Seriously ADORE nail head detailing. Put it on just about anything and I’ll be in love :)

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