How Annie Organizes Her Nightstand

This week’s ‘How I Organize‘ guest is new pal and professional organizer, Annie of Live Simply. She gives us a look at how she beautifully organizes her nightstand:

My nightstand is small, meaning that I have to keep it really streamlined. I do most of my reading and note-taking in my bed, so for me its important to keep pens, highlighters and sticky notes on hand. Since I always sleep with my hair tied back, my nightstand also has hair ties or a clip. There is nothing worse than being on the verge of sleep, only to realize that you have to get up to get a hair elastic! I also apply hand moisturizer and chapstick right before I go to sleep, so having those two things within arms reach is a must.

I like to keep a cup of water next to my bed as well. For a long time this meant that I would end up with a collection of cups on my nightstand and none in the kitchen. I finally solved that problem by purchasing a special cup meant only for my bedside. I don’t bring cups from the kitchen upstairs because I know that cup is there, and I since I only use it for water (and it’s only me using it) I feel fine about simply washing it in the bathroom sink with soap and water.

I keep a small stack of books by my bedside, but make sure that they are only the ones I am currently reading. If it’s completed or neglected, then back to the shelf it goes!

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8 Responses to How Annie Organizes Her Nightstand

  1. Carol says:

    Love the blue (organizer? journal?) folio on your stack of books. Source? Thank you!

  2. Tia Brumbelow says:

    What a fantastic way to organize! It also looks pretty =)

  3. M G says:

    I love seeing how real people organize their homes. I definitely have a habit in getting up right before I shut my eyes because I forgot x,y, and z. I need to step my nightstand game up!

    Miya @ Design Indulgences

  4. LindsB says:

    Not sure how I landed on your blog, but I love it!! I am an organizational freak and all of your posts are amazing!

    Ok, off to

  5. Anne says:

    Where did you get the organizer that is inside your nightstand?

  6. Selidji Laleye says:

    Please tell us where you got the organizer from?

  7. Ionalouisa says:

    Loving these organisation posts – love to be nosey and get all inspired.

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