Beautifully Organized: Bracelets

When it comes to organizing bracelets,  a good option for those who like to have things put away out-of-sight, is to dedicate a portion of a drawer to them and use organizers to keep things separated and neat. Clear ones always look nice. Remember to measure before buying!

For those who are more visually oriented (right-brained!) and prefer to have things out, trays are great for corralling pieces and keeping surfaces from looking like a cluttered mess.

Another option is to hang them on a jewelry tree, which makes for a lovely display.

Last but not least, a fun idea is to keep them in pretty vintage cups. Look for ones with a wide enough mouth to fit the width of your pieces.

Hope this post inspired some ideas for your own home!

image credits: 1 & 3 – photography by isa salazar via lonny mag blog, 2- photography by emily johnston anderson via glitter guide, 4- photography by douglas friedman via c magazine, 5-6 glitter guide
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5 Responses to Beautifully Organized: Bracelets

  1. MyBlogAnnel . says:

    Thanks for the tips! I also have so much bracelets and for the moment they are just laying in a big box, and that looks so messy!
    ❤ Annelien

  2. Kat Marie says:

    So inspiring!!love this ideas to organize… Thank you! bisous

  3. Love it!
    feel like organizing my jewelry now 😉

  4. essentjewels says:

    We LOVE these ideas for organizing and displaying your jewelry! We might be rethinking the way we display our jewels now. :)

  5. Meredith says:

    I use tea cups to hold my bracelets and earrings. It’s so pretty and keeps things in their place!

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