Inspiration for My Home Office

At the end of this month my husband and I will be moving to an area closer to where he works. We signed a lease on a two bedroom apartment and I’m excited that I’ll get to use one of the bedrooms as my office. Woohoo! Of course, I’m already dreaming up ideas on how to set it up. It’s not a very large room but I think it might fit a sideboard in addition to my desk and chair. I’m thinking maybe something like this:

I’ll know for sure if it’ll fit once I go measure everything – hopefully Sunday.

I’m also thinking of paint colors.  The room doesn’t get a ton of natural light so I’ll probably go for something light to keep it from looking dark and depressing. Any favorite paint colors in the white/ivory family that you’d recommend?

I’ll be sharing my inspirations, plans, and progress on here, so stay tuned!

image credit: 1-unknown, 2-lonny mag
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7 Responses to Inspiration for My Home Office

  1. Lauren Ferreira says:

    Excited to see the progress. I have the expedit shelves from Ikea that look like the shelving above. I love it for my home office! Best (and cheapest) purchase!

  2. Elizabeth Baumgartner says:

    I’ve always been a fan of White Dove (Benjamin Moore). Can’t wait to see how the office turns out. Good luck with the move!

  3. Ewa P says:

    I love these inspirations! I love Behr’s “Popped Corn.”

    Also I featured you on my blog in a post recently, I hope that you don’t mind. I gave you all of the credit!

    :) Ewa

  4. Lisa Mende Design says:

    Simply White by Ben Moore!

  5. Benjamin Moore 925/Ivory White. I have read that this was a particular favorite of decorator Mark Hampton. What better endorsement could there be–I have used it with wonderful results.

  6. I was just looking at whites for my guest room and found these…Decorators White, China White, Brilliant White & White Dove all by Benjamin Moore & all pretty great! Now I have to narrow it down!

  7. Ery Kendall says:

    I got inspired after seeing this post. I love how you keep everything just perfect and so good looking.I recommend the color cream or why not Navajo white that suites this beautiful home office. Looking forward to the progress!

    Ery Kendall
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