Adding Kitchen Storage

If you have insufficient cabinet space, and happen to have an empty expanse of wall, making use of that by adding shelves, is a great way to create additional storage. Kelly of the Glamourai did just that in her kitchen and I love how it turned out:

She used lucite shelves from the Container Store

and lined each with matching pieces, like those lovely aluminum vintage spice canisters.  (Find similar ones here and here.)

Have you utilized empty wall space to create extra storage in your kitchen? The cabinet space in our new place is definitely limited, but luckily we do have an empty wall, so we’ll likely be adding one or two shelves as well as a pot rack similar to this one. I’ll share on here once we do!

image credits: all courtesy of the glamourai
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7 Responses to Adding Kitchen Storage

  1. says:

    Beautifully styled shelves, which makes all the difference. But it’s amazing how much more efficient a kitchen can be even with just a couple of narrow shelves like these.

  2. Jean @ Flower Hill says:

    Beautiful kitchen. It’s so nice to see a small space that is stylish.

  3. designchic says:

    What a perfect way to add more the lucite and oh, to be so organized…

  4. Shauna says:

    Great idea. Looks fantastic, yet it’s functional.

  5. Cali Alvarado Pettigrew says:

    I lover her glass ware! Do you know what it is?! Love the entire look!

  6. Nuppu says:

    I’m in love whit your blog! It’s so lovely :) All the ideas are fantastic an I just love them.

  7. Kitchen Worktops Guy says:

    Some great ideas! I love it when people get creative with storage space, though I’m not against a slightly cluttered kitchen either, gives it character!

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