How Myrna Organizes Her Desk

Today we have Myrna of For the Love of Black, participating in the ‘How I Organize’ series. She gives us a peek inside her home to share with us her fabulous desk area:I’ve never really needed a desk area before, but since I’ve started my blog, I was finding I needed an area that was all mine, and of course it has to be beautiful so that it inspires me. So I find if I surround myself with things like my artwork, a scented candle, and beautifully organized desk supplies, I get the job done easier and it’s much more pleasant.

A few things I’ve found to help keep me organized are for everything to have its place and that goes for around the rest of my home as well. On my desk I like to have paperclips ready to grab in a pretty little bowl, definitely a little notebook for those random thoughts going on in my head all the time, a great pen for notes, a pencil for sketching, my iPad, and a good light. I also must have a clock as I’m a stickler for being on time. And fresh flowers never hurt!!

Another thing I find is a must is to keep all wires from computers, lamps, and phone chargers out of sight if you can. Too much clutter looks disorganized. Ikea has some great cable management boxes and reels. Organizing as you go helps things from piling up and keeps your mind free from clutter too. I have a little black urn style container with a lid for receipts and little notes I don’t want scattered all over my desk. For me, this is how I work best!!

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6 Responses to How Myrna Organizes Her Desk

  1. Ashley says:

    I adore this. especially the glass table with this amazing little bowl on it :) (I got all “Shopaholics I met and liked” books myself. they have so refreshing colors)

  2. Jamie @ like me some says:

    I’m always looking for a clever way to hide the unsightly cords!! Your desk area is beautiful! I couldn’t agree more about surrounding yourself with beautiful things! It makes such a difference and makes you want to be in the space to work!

  3. Well for me,I just want to have a a clear desk to work freely.And with one frame which my inspiration.My family.

  4. Jamie says:

    Stunning and extremely helpful! I also recently got myself a desk to organize all my goods. I’m still working on it but you could check out some photos at my blog

  5. Katrinaaneubauer says:

    This is lovely!!! Your style is impeccable :)

  6. Ery Kendall says:

    Very well-organized and lovely! I love the beautiful flower and the clock is really cute!

    Ery Kendall
    Commerce & Industry Plaza Fort Bonifacio

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