Open Clothes Rack

A fun idea for clothing storage is utilizing an open rack.  It could be a nice spot for organizing outfits for the week or for an edited selection of favorite pieces that also serve as eye candy.  A little inspiration…

Find garment racks at stores like Ikea, Linens-N-Things, and the Container Store

image credits: 1-domino mag, 2-via indulgy, 3-a cup of mai, 4-vogue, 5- photography by marcus lawett, source residence via emma’s design blogg, 6-via weekday carnival, 7-love aesthetics, 8-kara’s lookbook via decorpad, 9-via sila’s pinterest
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8 Responses to Open Clothes Rack

  1. MyBlogAnnel . says:

    Love these pictures! And I also would do something like that in my own bedroom. But I’m so afraid that I have to clean my room more often than normal!
    ❤ Annelien

  2. designchic says:

    So pretty…used these in my college apartment and loved the way it looked and the ease of finding my clothes!!

  3. Maryrose says:

    I’ve had this on my mind for so long now, I really need to get around to buying a rail and acting on my inspiration. Thanks for telling us where we can find some!

  4. kara henderson says:

    I’m so flattered! Thank you for featuring my room! :) ( I’m number 8)

  5. Femke Dekker says:

    So nice to see that clothes out and the open can be nice!

  6. Nice article…..This blog will helpful to all the visitors, thank you for the nice information .

  7. The photos are so beautiful. And the clothes are simply stunning.

  8. tweety alshamsi says:


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