Shoes as Works of Art

Love the idea of displaying (and protecting!) an ultra special pair of shoes as a work of art under a glass bell jar..

Do you have a treasured pair you’d consider treating like this?

image credits: 1- lucky, 2- lonny
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5 Responses to Shoes as Works of Art

  1. Lisa Mende Design says:

    I have often thought of doing something like this with my first pair of designer shoes which are Leopard Manolos but then I wore them too much and the pony hair is a bit shabby! Great thought though!

  2. JEN RAMOS says:

    not yet…my shoes arent that fancy…maybe my handbags hehe

  3. Ewa P says:

    Someday I will have shoes that are fabulous enough to display! I really need a more pleasing to the eye way to organize and display my shoes…

    :) Ewa

  4. Yes – my wedding shoes! White Christian Louboutin’s with silver studs all over. Amazeballs. I have looking for the perfect display case and I’m so happy I stumbled upon this idea and your blog. Thanks a bunch. :) I want to keep the dust off of them and still look at them every day.

  5. great post. Just where the shoes should be – front and centre! Thanks…love!

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