Coffee Canisters

In continuation to the ‘coffee bars’ post earlier this month, a few stylish coffee canisters pretty enough to keep out on the counter:

1- vintage storage canister, 2- bristol canister, 3- clamp canister with chalkboard, 4- caffeine 5- english charm canister, 6- storage coffee jar

Which one would you pick for your kitchen?

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9 Responses to Coffee Canisters

  1. Evi Katsantonis says:

    I love them all – but if I had to chose, definitely the third one!

  2. tweety alshamsi says:

    I love them! And i will choose the second one.

  3. Alissa says:

    These are all so cute, I’m not sure I could even pick a favorite!

  4. Number 3 :) They’re all charming though! xo

  5. How did you know I was shopping around for one of these? I like 2 because of the coloring and typography (my design nerd is showing) but I’d go with number 3 because it comes with a scoop and I find the clasp enclosures easiest to use. They preserve the grounds but you can open it with one hand. Because aren’t we all doing a million things at once in the morning?

  6. Nauli says:

    No. 1, 2 and 6 would be perfect for our kitchen… luckily we already have some vintage ones and can save the money.

  7. I love these canisters – 5 is probably my favorite. I gave up coffee about 15 months ago but can’t seem to part with my own coffee canister. I think they add fun character to the kitchen!

  8. Jamie says:

    I love all but no. 3 has me under it’s spell!! Love it!

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