Currently Inspired by…

…colorful outdoor living spaces…

My little patio looks nothing like this and these spaces make me want to change that stat!

Doesn’t all that color lift your mood?

1-via the beautiful soup, 2-via absolutely beautiful things, 3-via unknown, 4-via pinterest, 5-elle decor, 6-via aged and gilded
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3 Responses to Currently Inspired by…

  1. Anonymous says:

    love all the colors here! Makes me so excited that it’s summer… now I just wish I had a backyard

  2. Jen Ramos says:

    how beautiful…. the first picture with all the blue is just beautiful, wish i had a patio!

  3. Cece Summers says:

    Lively colors! Those are great for outdoor designs if you have time, maybe you can recreate your patio and use this as your inspiration. :)

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