I’m on Instagram!

Clockwise from top left: beautiful painting by mira belleza, my pup little foot at the dog park, bright pink peonies on my desk, brunch with my husband in malibu

Are you on Instagram?  I use it every now and then …when my phone will cooperate.  I’m planning to use it more often once I get a new phone next week. My current one is incredibly slow, will go to a blank screen even though it’s on, will randomly turn off on it’s own (even though it supposedly still has battery life), among other things (can you tell I’m frustrated with it? lol).  You can see my current Instagram photos here. This weekend we’re finally getting around to painting the bedroom so I’ll likely be taking a few progress shots of that. Let me know if you have an account, would love to see your photos!

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2 Responses to I’m on Instagram!

  1. Lindsay Scouras says:

    I’m obsessed too!!! I will definitely start following. I’m legallylinz if you want to follow back :)


  2. Bobi says:

    Consider me a follower:)

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