Double Duty Piece

Pieces that do double duty are so great for small spaces. This piece below, a bookcase turned on its side with a cushion on top, doubles both as a place to store favorite books as well as extra seating.  So clever!

image credit: sous style by pippa
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4 Responses to Double Duty Piece

  1. Lauren M. says:

    I LOVE this idea! I would try it with an ikea bookcase but I don’t know if it’s sturdy enough, lol

  2. victoria | vmac+cheese says:

    This is such a smart idea if you have a low bed!! We desperately need some end of bed seating and storage… I wonder if this could be jerry rigged with legs to make it as high as our bed is?

  3. Ariana Tayarani says:

    Adorable ! I have to get one !!

  4. Tiffany Leigh says:

    The smallest Expedit unit from IKEA layed horizontally would be perfect for this! It would be easy to make a cushion for on top!

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