Gift Wrapping Simplified

The fabulous Mrs. Lilien notes in this post that she stocks butcher paper as her signature house wrap then adorns her packages with ribbons, printed tape and colorful tissue paper:

Such a great idea, don’t you think? Especially in smaller spaces, it’s much easier to store and keep stock of one solid plain paper instead of a lot of bulky rolls of patterned paper, and then add color, interest and cheer by creatively dressing it up (for any occasion!) using beautiful little extras like tags, ribbons, sequins, etc., all of which can fit in an organized drawer or box.  These beautiful packages below are convincing me it’d be a good idea to adopt this wrapping tactic:

What gift wrapping supplies do you like to keep stock of? Do you have a signature wrapping style?

By the way, you can find links to my favorite free printable Christmas gift tags here!

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2 Responses to Gift Wrapping Simplified

  1. Jennifer Eastman says:

    I absolutely love the wrapping ideas in this post! I too love butcher paper, it creates a blank canvas to dress up how ever you prefer. Great posts and beautiful wrappings!

  2. What great wrapping ideas. I love to see the creative ideas that come out of such a simple set of materials.
    Wishing you a wonderfully creative and inspiring 2013.
    Anna x

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