How Irene Organizes Her Sideboard

A new ‘How I Organize‘ post! Today participating is my amiga Irene of Designstiles, whose home I posted about yesterday. She shares with us how she beautifully organizes her sideboard:My sideboard is really a dresser I bought at the thrift store and repurposed. I like to organize each drawer by category. In the top middle drawer I keep misc tablesetting items – party hats, confetti, paper plates, cute gift bags, fun candles. On the top left drawer I keep candles and candlestick holders. In the four larger bottom drawers I store napkins and placemats in one, tablecloths in the drawer next to the napkins. Plates (like these) and chargers at the bottom and stemware to the right of that. I usually keep all my stemware wrapped but in this case, I unwrapped some of them to display. These gold elephant highball glasses are my favorite. I used to intermix all my tablesetting things until it got out of hand. Assigning each drawer to a different tablesetting item has made it so much easier for me to remember what I have. No more thinking I lost stuff.   –Irene

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3 Responses to How Irene Organizes Her Sideboard

  1. Femke Dekker says:

    Wish I was this good at organizing! Love Femke

  2. Shauna Oberg says:

    Such a great example of using furniture in other ways than it was first intended. I’m looking for a dresser to repurpose as a media stand. I’m going cross-eyed from the all the time I’m spending searching on craigslist and Kijiji.
    P.S. Did you see today’s blog post- it’s a look back and I’m so thankful for people like you!

  3. lovely ideas! I love that its also used for stemware and plates!

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