A Beautifully Organized Pantry

In my previous home, I organized my pantry using matching food storage containers from Ikea which I labeled using my P-touch labeler. I loved it because it was practical, streamlined and looked great. When we moved to our current apartment last year, since the containers unfortunately didn’t really fit in our new awkward sized narrow cabinets, I decided to give them to my mom who was reorganizing her kitchen at the time.  The plan was to get new containers that better fit our new cabinets and in the interim keep items in their original bags and boxes and/or use whatever (mismatched) containers we had on hand. A year has passed though and I still haven’t gotten the new containers.

These photos below from the kitchen of Jen of the Social Home are giving me the inspiration and push I need to get my pantry looking beautiful again.   Jen used matching containers from the dollar store and created her own lovely labels, which she generously offers as downloadable freebies here and here.  She also offers custom labels in her shop The Paper Society.

Beautiful Labels from the Paper Society via Arianna Belle BlogSo pretty, wouldn’t you agree?

p.s. Check out her post on how to smudge-proof your labels

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5 Responses to A Beautifully Organized Pantry

  1. Thank you so much for featuring my pantry and spice jars! :) LOVE your blog! So pretty!

  2. Design Chic says:

    My heaven…love the labels!

  3. Elizabeth McKnight says:

    Well I am totally obsessed! I am going to order the labels today and reorganize all of my cabinets!! Thanks for the inspiration.


  4. daniel padaplin says:

    Love this labels, I’m glad to find this post. This ideas and information helps me a lot to learn specially new ideas.

  5. Roberts Tracy says:

    Loved the way the entire Pantry has been very well organized in a a very neat and professional manner, it real inspiring. NYC professional organizing services

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