How Monika Organizes Her Jewels & Perfumes

Today I’m delighted to bring to you a new How I Organize post! Shop owner and lifestyle blogger Monika Hibbs (who just became a mom to a sweet baby boy!), gives us a look at how she beautifully organizes her jewelry and collection of perfumes:


I like to have most of my everyday jewelry in place, ready for me to quickly pick up and go! Having all those jewels organized on my side table along side my perfume is perfect!  The silver tray is from The Cross Design, one of my favorite home décor stores in Yale Town, Vancouver. The Stag Head jewelry holder, which holds my bracelets is from Front & Company in Vancouver. 

For pieces that I only take out for special occasions I like to have them all wrapped up in the boxes they came in. I laugh, because my husband thinks I’m a horder- whereas I like the organization of each piece in it’s place! Takes up a little bit more room, but those boxes are just too nice to throw away!

headshot photo by Melissa Skoda, all others by Ellen Ho of Hong Photography 
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6 Responses to How Monika Organizes Her Jewels & Perfumes

  1. Tiffany Leigh says:

    Love this post! Her storage ideas are so pretty and glamorous!

  2. Kelly O says:

    I have that silver tray as well – how do you clean it?

  3. LA Daly says:

    I love that mirrored side table too! I like how minimal the hardware is!

    Over the Moon

  4. My brother has lots of perfumes and colognes and he just would not get rid of those boxes. He stores them in a cabinet and the space honestly looks like a perfume shop. The good thing is, having them on display made it easier for me to pick one which he might happily want to give it to me.

  5. Vobaga says:

    What a beautiful room furnishings.Fine Jewelry!

  6. Bijuterii says:

    Beautiful closet, she is so organized!!!

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