Arianna Belle Pillows in Society Social Magalog

I’m thrilled to be part of Roxy’s latest Society Social Manifesto Magalog. It’s filled with so much fabulous inspiration. I love the shots of the colorful and summery space below featuring our Trellis Watermelon pillow:

trellis-watermelon-arianna-belle-pillow-society-social-magalogtrellis-watermelon-arianna-belle-pillowCheck out the magalog here!

photography by Lawrence Te
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2 Responses to Arianna Belle Pillows in Society Social Magalog

  1. TheLittleBlackDoor says:

    Congrats Arianna! That’s awesome!!

  2. nessabirdie says:

    I love the pillows! Very a chill cabana feel! :)

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