Living Room Update: Media Storage

Remember the media unit I shared a photo of in this post? Well when we first purchased it, our initial idea was to add two lower drawers for closed storage.  After trying out the drawers though, we didn’t like how they looked and opted instead to keep the unit open. That meant though that we had to find alternative options for out of sight storage.

I kept an eye out for stylish boxes and bins and found some at Office Depot that were the perfect size and a lovely creamy neutral color. I went with three box bins for the upper right shelf and two document boxes for the lower left shelf. The bins now hold my husband’s Xbox games, controllers, etc. out of sight while keeping them easily accessible.  The boxes hold various card and board games.   Here’s how it looks:

organized-media-unit-arianna-belle-blogorganized-media-storage-arianna-belle-blogWhere do you like to store the entertainment stuff you prefer keep out of sight? Is someone in your household a gamer? Where do you store all the games and gadgets?

More home updates to come!

p.s. In case you’re wondering, we don’t really keep any DVDs in the media unit because most of the movies we watch nowadays are via Netflix, Zune or Blockbuster.

The folks at Office Depot sponsored this post.  All ideas/opinions/thoughts are my own.

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4 Responses to Living Room Update: Media Storage

  1. lulu240788 says:

    Always looking for ways to store the guy stuff in our place! Those boxes work well.

  2. Han says:

    This only works if you only have 10 xbox games 😛

    I have a bit of a ‘games room’ going on so I took all of my disk based games out of their boxes and put them in one of those mega 100 cd sleeves. All the boxes are in the loft now. Nice and tidy.

    I still have two big boxes of controllers to deal with though! Do you have any suggestions for those with all the cables that go with them?
    I keep the extension cable in the bottom left cupboard to hide as many cables as possible, cartridges and the CD sleeve are in the one above.

    its a WIP!

  3. Liz says:

    We just got the same tv stand from ikea and I love it! The only problem is ours came with ugly circular plastic, feet and in the picture yours has nice squared off feet. Did you purchase those from ikea or did you DIY those?

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