Dog Beach

arianna-belle-on-instagramThere’s a lovely off-leash dog beach in Santa Barbara where we take Little Foot and my sister‘s dog Roofus at least once every summer.  We drove up there this Saturday, and while as we were headed over, it seemed like it would be overcast and a bit on the chillier side, once we got there it was clear skies and perfect weather.  The pups soaked in the sun and excitedly ran their little hearts out with paws in the sand.  Seeing them so happy makes me happy. Hopefully we’ll get a chance to go at least once more this summer.

ariannabelle-on-instagramphotos via my instagram
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  1. Kayli Schattner says:

    How fun! Just had a weekend in Orange County and absolutely loved it. The California weather was such a nice change from the heat in Arizona! Glad to see that you and your pup had such a blast! x

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