76 Main Nantucket Luxury Boutique Hotel

The talented team over at Rachel Reider Interiors recently helped revamp a newly reopened boutique luxury hotel in Nantucket and they included several pillows from my shop in their design of the lounge! Here are a few photos:


I love that they took their own unique approach to Nantucket design and created a space that’s unlike what you’d expect to see in a hotel.  They did such a great job of mixing patterns and making the lounge feel so inviting.  The rest of the hotel is beautiful as well -see more of it here.   Hopefully I’ll get a chance to visit someday – maybe next summer? Seems like it’d be a perfect place for a nice little getaway.

p.s. If you’re unfamiliar with Rachel Reider Interiors, be sure to take a peek at their portfolio – you’ll love it!

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4 Responses to 76 Main Nantucket Luxury Boutique Hotel

  1. maureen richmond says:

    I stayed at the hotel this summer. It is fab! http://bluemopheads.blogspot.com/2013/08/nantucket-5-things.html

  2. Estelle Sacre says:

    This design with blue motives is simply stunning. I really love it , not only the colors are beautiful, but they are combined very well.
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  3. Audrey Soria says:

    so pretty! congratulations!!!

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