Two Ideas for Organizing Clutches

Hold them in a lucite tray, like Kelly….


organizingclutches-2 or file them in an acrylic letter sorter, like Mackenzie



Both great ways to keep clutches beautifully organized!

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4 Responses to Two Ideas for Organizing Clutches

  1. Thanks for including me! I love Mackenzie’s idea (and clutch collection!)

  2. Tiffany Leigh says:

    Love both of these!

  3. Maggie Morgan says:

    Great ideas! Years ago I saw a photo of a closet with the clutch bags between two bookends. I’ve been obsessed ever since (but I only have about two clutches so haven’t been able to put that idea to use yet! Someday!).

  4. says:

    This is fabulous. It allows me to see the beauty of the bag when I are not wearing it and it will remind me of what I own. LOVE IT!

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