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Stylish Storage: Silver Painted Baskets

Check out this beautiful entryway from the home of Catherine of The Life Styled:

She uses pretty baskets to stylishly store and keep shoes and dog toys out-of-sight.

They’re actually a fairly easy DIY project with a total cost per basket of less than $35. Learn how to make your own here!

image credits: 1- sarah yates, 2-johnny miller
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Pantry Canister Decals

Stumbled upon this photo of these beautiful glass pantry canisters and found out they were labeled with DIY decals.

Kirstine of the Painted Hive has shared the how-to on her blog and very generously also shared free printables. Check them out here and here!

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Organizing Sunglasses

Love this idea from Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere. She used a frame, hooks, and wire to create a sunglass holder:

See how she did it here.

p.s. Along similar lines, another idea

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DIY Jewelry Bust

Busts are such a great way to creatively store and display necklaces.  I’m absolutely loving this DIY one made out of wood:

Read the instructions on how to do it here.

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DIY Closet

A creative way to house a wardrobe, this DIY cabana closet was made by repurposing a bakers rack and sewing a custom cover using inexpensive striped fabric.  Looks pretty great don’t you think?

From Samantha and Lindsey’s bright beach cottage.  See the rest of it here.

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Cooking Utensils Within Easy Reach

A kitchen rail positioned above or near the stove is a great way to keep frequently used cooking utensils easily accessible and in a neat row.
sycamorestreetpress-hangingkitchenutensilsstyle at home glitter guide
Make your own with a short metal curtain rod and steel s-hooks. Check out this example.
image credits: 1-photography by Bernard Touillon for Cote Sud via dress design decor ; 2- photography by Roger Davies via Architectural Digest; 3- livingetc, via sycamore street press ; 4-photography by Tim Melideo as seen in the glitter guide; 5livingetc, via sycamore street press.; 6-photography by Scott Hawkins as seen in Beachside Home; 7-domino magazine
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Fabric Spice Jar Labels

These decorative spice jar labels, made of fabric stickers, are perfect for a beautifully organized kitchen:
Find out how to make them here.
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Shoe Ottoman

Ottomans are so great because they often serve double (or triple) duty. I love that this one is secretly outfitted with 16 pockets for storing shoes (or other things!) and is lined with a pretty fabric that adds such a fun unexpected punch of color.
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Easy DIY: Magnetic Organizers

I came across this DIY on Creature Comforts I thought was a genius idea (dreamed up by an 11-year old girl!) and had to share on here.

Basically the idea is to repurpose old pretty tins and make them into magnetic organizers. Perfect for keeping pens, pencils, dry-erase markers, etc. handy. It’s super easy to do -see the instructions here.

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Jewelry Organization: Part 1

While a dedicated storage armoire like the one below featured in Lonny {$540.00 here} is certainly a beautiful option for neatly storing and organizing a substantial jewelry collection, in this economy, its probably more than most of us are able and willing to shell out.

images via lonny mag

If your collection is large enough and your heart is set on an armoire, you can find more affordable pieces similar to the one above. Jen of MadebyGirl recently did a post featuring these alternatives with prices ranging from $259-369. You can also try your luck at finding a used one. I found this one in my local craigslist for $100 (asking price).
You can also outfit a dresser you already own with trays and dividers. If all your drawers are full, is could be a good opportunity {since you’ll be motivated with a purpose!} to edit what’s in there and free up some space 😉
L: via domino magazine; R: stacking necklace organizer {$14.99}

If you don’t already own a dresser, aren’t looking to bring in a new piece of furniture into your space, and/or you’re visually oriented and like to have things on display because for you out-of-sight means out-of-mind, there are several options.
In regards to organizing necklaces, you can try hanging them on a rod. This isn’t my favorite of options however since it can be a bit tricky removing a necklace further down the rod without making a mess.
I like the idea of hanging a few on a lamp and integrating them as part of a styled vignette.

L: via lonny magazine; R: nate berkus via glamour magazine

Busts make a beautiful display and are a great way to enjoy your favorite necklace(s) when you’re not wearing them.

The only downside is that it can be a challenge finding an inexpensive one {the one below right (8″ tall) is $80}. I’d keep a look out for one at a flea market.

L: via blueprint magazine; R: Artemis bust from

Along the same lines, you can do like Kelly of the Glamouri and layer them on a mannequin.

via the glamouri

Hooks are my favorite option for organizing necklaces because they can be really inexpensive and if you put just one or two necklaces on each, there’s little risk of creating any tangles.

L: via half of vahm; R: photo by Frances Janisch
via this is glamorous

I love the idea of using decorative hooks. You can find pretty ones here.

L: via domino magazine; R: via grahaman and green

Anna of In Honor of Design, made her own organizer using decorative knobs. The photo below shows her end result. Read about how she did it here.

via in honor of design

If you can’t or don’t want to put anything on the wall, you can use a “belt and tie rack” that can be hung in your closet, or alternatively one that can hung over-the-door.

tieandbeltrack-containerstoreover the door tie and belt rack lowes

Last but not least, another great inexpensive option is to use a bulletin board, which you can have out on display or, if you like to keep things out of sight, you can keep behind curtains

real simple-jewelryorganization.jpgorganizeaccessories-redbook.jpg
L: via real simple; R: via redbook

You can find cute boards covered in fabric and/or framed on Etsyor you can get crafty and make your own!

L: via high street market; R: via instyle magazine
Up next: organizing rings, earrings, and bracelets
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