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Breakfast Nook

A polka dot chair, vintage table, and striped banquette….doesn’t this look like the loveliest little spot to spend the mornings?
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Good Morning

Welcome back! Ready for a new week?
Isn’t this little space so lovely? I love the curves of the thonet bench, the large pink peony blooms, and the simple clean lined desk facing the large sunny window.
image credit: via desde my ventana edited by me
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Good morning sunshine!

How lovely would it be to have a spot like this to get ready in the mornings?
image credits: 1-photography by altura studio, 2-via centsational girl
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Chandeliers and Rustic Tables

Two examples showcasing a beautiful combination of things I love: a rustic kitchen table, a crystal chandelier, and large windows allowing in abundant sunlight. Perfect for evoking a sense of relaxed glamour.
These are going in my dream home inspiration file :)
image credits: 1-house and home via mira belleza; 2-via french by design
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To Do Lists

Good morning! A brand new week and a fresh to-do list.

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Are you a lists person? If yes, do you like writing them on paper or typing them on a digital device? I personally like a mix of both. For the day’s to-do’s I like writing things out in my Kate Spade planner {seen above} -it appeals to my tactile sense :) For long term to-do’s I use the To Do List gadget on iGoogle and use multiple lists to separate out tasks by category. I love it’s simplicity and ease of use, and have been using it for a while now. The only con for me is not being able to access it easily from my smartphone.

I’m currently trying out Springpad {which has an accompanying android and iphone app} to see if that might be a better alternative. So far, I like that I can create different notebooks (for separating things into categories: Personal, Business, etc.) and that I can access it from both my computer and through the phone app. What I don’t like though is that I can’t {or at least haven’t figured out how to} sort tasks by high, medium or low priority. Have you tried it? What’s your preferred method of managing your lists?

P.S. for tips on how to write a better to-do list, check out this post which reminds us not to confuse goals with tasks.

image credit: photography by me
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