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How I Organize My Handbag

I oftentimes carry a lot of things in my handbag – keys, cell phone, driver’s license, credit cards, debit cards, rewards cards, cash, coupons, lists, hair ties, lip balm, lotion, tissues, pens, sunglasses, the list goes on….can you relate?


Because most of these items are relatively small, they can easily get lost in a large bag and it’s so annoying to have to rummage through to try to find what you’re looking for.  What I like to do is group and separate everything into smaller bags, cases and pouches.

For the essentials like money, driver’s license, keys, tinted lip balm, and my cell phone, I use a wristlet that easily fits in my bag and I can pull out when I’m making a quick trip and don’t really need much else (the one I have is an old style but you can find a similar one here). I use a magic wallet, which is compact enough to fit inside the wristlet, to keep my credit cards, debit cards, and my license, organized. I keep cash and coins in the little interior pockets of the wristlet. I try not to put anything else in there so that there’s enough room to also fit my keys if needed.


For all the non-essential cards that I use less frequently but still like to have on hand, like loyalty cards, rewards cards, gift cards, etc., I use a card cubby and sort them all into the little alphabetized dividers.


My business cards go into a nice business card case so they don’t get dirty or bent.


Coupons go into a small expanding file case. There was a time not too long ago when my husband and I were really penny pinching and to make the most of the money we had, I got into the habit of putting coupons for items we frequently bought or stores we normally shopped at, into an coupon file that I took with me whenever I went shopping. This worked really well and I’ve continued with this habit.  I no longer find myself at the store saying, “aww I had a coupon for that!” and feeling regretful that I could have saved some money.  I labeled this expanding file with general categories like beauty, craft, grocery, office, etc., which makes it easy to find the relevant coupons when I’m at the checkout counter. I use the space in the front for my shopping list and a pen.


In an accessory pouch that has interior pockets, I keep beauty and personal care items that are nice to have handy like hand cream, hand sanitizer, hair ties & clips, lip color, a mirror, oil blotting sheets, floss, a mini lint roller, tissues, bandages and a multi-use ointment.


My miscellaneous items, like a measuring tape, notebook for jotting down notes and ideas on the go, an extra pen, and a backup battery for my phone, all go into a zippered pouch:


Organizing everything this way makes the contents of my bag much less chaotic and allows me to easily find what I’m looking for when I need it. It also makes it much easier to switch handbags. 


So there you have it, that’s how I organize my bag.   The general idea is to group like items together and put them into smaller bags, pouches or cases that will keep the contents organized.  I know everyone has different needs and carries around different things, but I hope this inspired some ideas on how to organize your own bag, if it’s not organized already.

*The folks at Office Depot sponsored this post.  All ideas/opinions/thoughts are my own.

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Packing a Suitcase

Hi all! Today I’m guest posting over on my friend Irene’s blog, sharing a few tips on packing a suitcase.  Click on over to read the post!

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Stylish 2012 Planners

It’s almost a brand new year (can you believe it?) and for many that means a new planner with fresh pages for jotting down plans, goals, to-do’s etc. I’ll be getting a 2012 refill for my pink leather Kate Spade organizer (pricey but one of those purchases I don’t at all regret because I use it everyday and even after a few years it still looks great). If I didn’t have a planner already, I’d be considering one of these stylish picks:
1- laurel denise planner, 2- tudor city large debra, 3- jonathan adler 17 month agenda, 4-bijou soho diary, 5- cavallini leather daily planner, 6- dozie bowtie pocket planner, 7- sarah pinto stripe weekly planner, 8- moleskine assorted month daily planner, 9-russell and hazel mini binder, 10- faux snakeskin vintage daily planner

Do you get a new planner each year, refill one you already own with new pages, or prefer to organize your life digitally?

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Stylish Picks: Wristlets

In keeping with the topic of yesterday’s post, a stylish selection of wristlets for carrying essentials on-the-go:

1- chloe high tech leather wristlet clutch, 2- tory burch leather wristlet, 3- charlotte russe snakeskin clutch with wristlet, 4- dooney & bourke cork large slim wristlet, 5- lauren by ralph lauren newbury leather small wristlet, 6- michael kors medium wristlet
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Organizing a Large Handbag

A great way to organize the contents in a large handbag is to separate things out into smaller bags and pouches. Heres what I like to use in my own bag:

In lieu of a wallet, I use a wristlet (love this one from dooney and bourke) and a card organizer (card cubby has some great options).  In the wristlet I keep my credit & debit card, cash, license, insurance card, cell phone, and lip balm -basically all the essentials I need to have close at hand.  All the non-essentials, like store rewards cards, gift cards, back-up credit cards, and coupons, go into the card organizer and are filed alphabetically into the little labeled compartments.

Items like lipgloss, blotting sheets, a mirror, hand cream, and hand sanitizer go into a cosmetic bag (love this one from tory burch).

Separating things out like this allows me to quickly and easily pull out what I need when I need it (nothing is more annoying than having to rummage through your bag to find items), and also lightens my load when I’m on the go. If I need to make a quick errand, I can just pull out the wristlet and take that with me instead of lugging the big handbag and its entire contents.

How do you like to organize your handbag? Have any of you ever tried one of those inserts used for switching from purse to purse?

handbag – dooney & bourke, card organizer – card cubby, wristlet – dooney & bourke, cosmetic bag – tory burch
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