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Sugar Paper for Target Office Collection

The highly anticipated Sugar Paper office collection for Target officially launched this week and as expected, everything is so beautiful. I’ll take one of each please! Shop it here.

Sugar Paper for TargetSugar Paper for TargetSugar Paper for TargetSugar Paper for TargetSugar Paper for TargetSugar Paper for Target

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Roundup: Stylish 2016 Planners, Diaries and Agendas

Do you use a paper planner?  While I use a digital task manager to organize my master list of to-do’s, I like to use a paper planner to jot down weekly business notes, and another as a health and wellness diary. There are so many beautiful ones out there that I kinda wish I could find uses for more of them. Below are my favorites:

12 Stylish Planners via Arianna Belle Blog

1- Blush Full Grain Desk Diary, 2- Gold Wash Embossed Python Leather Desk, 3- Marble Mini Three-Ring Binder for use with -> 3b- Weekly Planner Sheets, 4- Day Designer Black Stripe, 5- MyAgenda Leopard Day Planner, 6- Black Natural Leather Pocket Book, 7- Sugar Paper Blush Pink Planner, 8- Moleskin Scarlet Red Planner, 9- Toile Blue Planner, 10- DapperDesk Leather Planner, 11- Panama Textured Leather Diary, 12- Sugar Paper Gold Planner

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My Office in Our New Home

A couple of months ago I shared a photo of my new home office on Instagram.   Slowly but surely I’ve made some updates and while it’s not quite “finished” yet, I’m happy that it’s starting to take shape and no longer looks like an empty box.  Here’s what it’s looking like currently:

Arianna Belle home office

While most things were carried over from my old office. I did bring in some new art, pillows, accessories and since this office is a bit smaller, a new rug. Also brought in the black ribbon edged curtains from our old bedroom – I love them in here!

Not sure yet if I want to add something in the corner, next to the Expedit. In the old office, I had bookcases on either side.  They are now being used for closet organization.

Arianna Belle home office

The main wall is still pretty bare.  I used the frames that I used to have in my old office, for a gallery wall around the TV in our new living room (photo of that coming soon), so I need to shop for some new ones. I haven’t decided yet though if I want to do a mix or all one color.

Arianna Belle home office

Be sure to follow along here or on Instagram for future updates! I’ll probably share our living room next.

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5 Ways to Repurpose Luxury Candle Jars

In a recent post, I talked about how much I love luxury candles.  I mentioned that a bonus is that they often come in beautiful jars, so once you burn them up and finish enjoying their wonderful scents, you can repurpose the jars and use them to store various items.  Below are five ideas:

1. Makeup brushes and beauty tools:

5 Ways to Repurpose Luxury Candle Jars

Hanna’s Room

2. Q-tips and cottons:

5 Ways to Repurpose Luxury Candle Jars

 L: Trendenser, R: Skona Hem

3. Fresh flowers:

5 Ways to Repurpose Luxury Candle Jars

dear lovely

4. Office supplies – including pens, pencils, scissors, and paper clips:

5 Ways to Repurpose Luxury Candle Jars

L: Lonny, R: The Beauty Lookbook

5 Ways to Repurpose Luxury Candle Jars

 70 Percent Pure

5. Small plants – something I hadn’t thought of until I came across these images:

5 Ways to Repurpose Luxury Candle Jars

tutorials >> L: A Pair and a Spare DIY, R: Luxirare

Luxury candle favorites:

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Roundup: Chic Baskets

Like the trays I featured in my last post, baskets are another one of those products that are very versatile and multifunctional. Use them in all rooms in your home as stylish storage for a number of things that uncontained, would otherwise make a space look cluttered. Use them in the living room to hold magazines, newspapers, extra throws, and firewood. In the family room, use them to hide pet and kids toys. In the entry, use them for shoes, slippers, and things that need to go out the door. In the bathroom, baskets work great for holding extra toilet paper and towels (roll them for that luxurious hotel look). In the bedroom, use them to hold books and extra pillows. In the linen closet, use baskets to hold items that are difficult to fold neatly like wash cloths and fitted sheets.

Below are my finds of baskets which are not only practical, but also stylish enough to integrate into your decor:


1- water hyacinth woven basket, 2- seagrass wicker basket, 3- navy basket, 4- brass basket, 5- white morrocan wedding basket, 6- black lace basket, 7- round belly basket, 8- grey wool basket, 9- blue striped basket, 10- patterned blue basket, 11- whitewash woven storage bin, 12- woven seagrass basket with leather

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Roundup: Chic Trays

Trays are a personal favorite of mine because they are so multifunctional and versatile. They work well in just about every room in the house, for both styling and organizing purposes, including in the entryway, living room, office, bathroom and bedroom. You can use them to corral and display a number of small items such as: keys and sunglasses on your entry table, jewelry on your nightstand, beauty products on your bathroom counter, perfume on your vanity, candles and flowers on your coffee table, and office supplies on your desk. Things just tend to look so much neater and like a purposeful vignette when they’re within the boundaries of a tray, than when they’re spread out randomly.

Below is my roundup of some the most stylish trays out there:


1- tangle lacquered tray, 2- silver lacquered tray, 3- acrylic leopard printed tray,  4- nude lacquered tray, 5- bone inlay tray, 6- oro de nero tray, 7- gold mirrored round tray, 8- mirrored tray, 9- acrylic zebra printed tray, 10- python tray, 11- orange tray, 12- clear acrylic tray

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In Organizing Mode

Moving and it’s chaotic aftermath reminds me how much stuff we truly have and how much of an effect clutter has on me. Not having things in their place where I can conveniently and easily find them frustrates and annoys me, and the sight of visual clutter drains me.  With the busyness of the holidays and gearing up the biz for a new year (including dealing with things like no-fun sales tax returns due by end of the month), I’ve had less time than I had hoped, to unpack and organize everything. I thought I could knock it out in a couple of days, but I underestimated how long it truly takes, especially when you want to designate a specific home for each item and make it look good too. I am doing my best to practice patience and acceptance, reminding myself it will come together slowly but surely.

With decluttering and organization on the brain, I want to start posting more on the topic on here again (I’ve missed blogging about it!) as I work through projects throughout my home during my spare time. I have a big backlog of things I want to share. Below a few images that are inspiring me lately:






image sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
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Stylish, Grown-up School Supplies

Though my school going years are behind me, during this time of year, when “back to school” starts popping up everywhere, I get in the mood to shop for fresh notebooks and new tools. Anyone else?? Below is my round-up of some of the most stylish “school supplies” for grown-ups: Stylish Office Supplies via Arianna Belle Blog

1 – single subject notebook, 2 – white pencils, 3- 17-month black and white striped agenda, 4- zippered gold pencil case, 5- gold scissors, 6- white binder, 7- black and white folder, 8- white calculator

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Organizing Spotlight: NEAT Method

Ok guys, get ready for some serious organizing porn. I recently got a sneak peek at Neat Method‘s most recent portfolio photos and I was so impressed I just had to share with you all. If you haven’t heard of Neat Method, they’re a company that specializes in stylish home organization. These girls after my own heart and are so talented, as you’ll see from these images of their work below:

 organized closet // Organizing Spotlight: Neat Method // Arianna Belle Blogorganized closet

 organized jewelry // Organizing Spotlight: Neat Method // Arianna Belle Blogorganized jewelry

organized handbags // Organizing Spotlight: Neat Method // Arianna Belle Blogorganized handbags
organized kitchen // Organizing Spotlight: Neat Method // Arianna Belle Blogorganized kitchen
organized dry goods // Organizing Spotlight: Neat Method // Arianna Belle Blogorganized dry goods
organized pantry // Organizing Spotlight: Neat Method // Arianna Belle Blogorganized walk-in pantry

So beautiful right?? Raise your hand if you’re feeling inspired to get your home organized! For more, check out the fun before and afters on their website.

Photography by Michelle Drewes
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The Packing Strategy That Made My Move Easier and Less Stressful

In an effort to make our move last month, less stressful than our previous ones, I decided we needed to do things a little differently this time around.  During past moves we packed without any type of strategy.  More often than not, boxes would go unlabeled and because boxes didn’t clearly indicate which room they belonged in, the people helping us move, would put them down in any random spot in the new place. This would result in an overwhelming first few days (and weeks) living at the new place as unpacking took forever and we would frustratingly run around to each room and open and look through all the boxes whenever we needed to find something that we hadn’t yet unpacked.

What brought down our stress a couple notches during this most recent move, was color coding and numbering boxes while packing. Doing this made things much more organized. The movers were able to easily identify what room to put each box in, and once we were moved in, we were able to quickly determine which boxes to open first and also where to find any unpacked item we needed.

For any of you moving soon, below is the strategy we used. I hope it will help make your move less stressful.  If you think this might be useful to someone you know, be sure to share it with them!

The Packing Strategy That Made My Move Easier and Less Stressful


label pads in various colors (one color for each room)

a writing pad or notebook + pen

highlighters in the same colors as your label pads

black markers

a piece of poster board


1. Designate one color for each room in your new place and use the poster board to make a legend. Post this somewhere that’s visible while you pack.

2. Designate a landing spot for all of the packing supplies and let anyone helping you pack, know where that is.  A basket, caddy, tray or bin is helpful to corral everything.

3.  When packing a box, label it with a numbered post-it note in the color that corresponds to the room it will be going in.

4. In your legal pad, jot down the number of the box and it’s contents. Place a star next to any priority boxes that you’ll probably want to open within the first few days of having moved in. *Bonus: If you pack a few different rooms at one time, it’s helpful to highlight what you wrote down, in the color that corresponds to the room it will going in.  Doing this will make it easy to later scan down your list when you’re checking to see what box something is in.

5. On moving day, post the legend somewhere where the movers or you and your crew will see it upon entering the home. That way, whoever comes in the door with a box, can immediately place it in the room it belongs in.

6. Once you’re moved into your new place, refer to your list to determine which boxes you want to open first. As days pass, use your list to help you easily locate any unpacked item you may be looking for.

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