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Pantry Canister Decals

Stumbled upon this photo of these beautiful glass pantry canisters and found out they were labeled with DIY decals.

Kirstine of the Painted Hive has shared the how-to on her blog and very generously also shared free printables. Check them out here and here!

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Hanging Cups

Use small hooks on a rod or under a shelf to hang, make easily accessible, and display beautiful cups:

Gives the kitchen a lovely homey feel don’t you think?

image credits: 1-via pinterest,  2-via design sponge, 3- via beacause i’m addicted, 4- via apartment therapy
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Beautifully Labeled Pantry

Came across photos of Sam‘s pantry and fell in love…

She used glass mason jars and labels she designed, to create a beautiful way to store basic food items.

Would make a great weekend project, don’t you think? The labels are available as a free download here.  Print them on sticker paper and adhere them to the tops like she did or on the fronts of larger jars.  Or just use it as inspiration and make your own (let me know if you do -would love to see!)

all images via elephant shoe blog
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Beautifully Organized Recipes

How was your Thanksgiving weekend? Did you eat a lot of turkey?  I was fortunate to spend the holiday with my family.  My husband, the chef of the day, made the most delicious meal: turkey, mushroom and thyme mashed potatoes, gravy, green bean casserole, onion rolls, and to top it off pumpkin pie. Yum!

Speaking of food, how do you all organize your family recipes?  I currently organize digitally, most of the recipes that I find in magazines, blogs, etc. (Evernote is great for that),  but  there are  special family recipes I’ve been meaning to write down (like  the recipe for mom’s menudo, grandma’s tortillas, etc.) and keep in something beautiful and tactile.  I was delighted to find several lovely options:

Love that this on is monogrammed and is clear so you can show off pretty recipe cards:Speaking of pretty recipe cards…Image sources: Binders and Books 1-kikki k, 2-liba style, 3-martha stewart, 4-bethbee etsy shop, 5-kikki k, 6-russell + hazel; Recipe Boxes 1-1canoe2 etsy shop, 2-container store, 3-macy’s, 4-sincerely yours paper; Recipe Cards 1-claybrook print design etsy shop, 2-earmark etsy shop, 3-ladybugpress etsy shop

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Hanging Pot Rack in a Small Kitchen

Last week I did a post on hanging pot racks, which featured mostly large kitchens.  This kitchen below shows how a hanging pot rack can be integrated into smaller quarters:

It works here because there’s free wall space, as in the pots aren’t blocking any cabinet doors.  They do look quite high up there though, so I’m guessing the homeowner keeps a step stool handy :)

image credit: photography by patrick cline for lonny mag
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Hanging Pot Racks

Hanging racks are a great option for storing and displaying beautiful cookware. Hung right above a center island, they make pots and pans easily accessible and create a visual centerpiece. Additionally, pot racks free up cabinet space so there’s more room to store dinnerware, food items, etc.

image credits: 1- nate berkus, 2- via house beautiful, 3- via elle decor, 4- via home bunch, 5- martha stewart, 6- country living, 7- via elle decor, 8- via elle decor, 9-mick de giulio
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If you love warming up with a hot cup of tea, you know its nice to have tea bags easily accessible, especially during flu season and the colder weather months.

I keep a variety together in a simple rectangular container and take the tops off the little boxes the teas come in to use as dividers within the container.

How do you organize yours?

I like the idea of getting a specialty box that’s just the right height and has built-in dividers for separating different types of teas.

Also love the idea of repurposing a cookie tin and creating little dividers out of cardboard covered in contact paper. BTW what’s your favorite kind of tea? I’d have to say mine are chamomile and peppermint (especially when it’s from fresh leaves!).

image credits: 1-photography by pornchai mittongtare, styling by amy paliwoda; 2-the holding company; 3-via shelterness

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Organized Cooking Utensils

Organizing kitchen utensils into simple containers and keeping them on the counter is great for having them within easy reach.

Particularly love the way it looks when they are organized by type – wooden utensils in one crock and stainless steel utensils in another.

image credits: 1- via anthology mag, 2- frank features via emmas design blog, 3- martha stewart, 4- julian wass via house beautiful 
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Recipe Binder

Hi all! Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

Wanted to share with you the lovely little binders pictured above, I came across recently. They’re made of hard wearing cloth and decorated with folio embossed kitchen symbols on the spine and on the front. So perfect for beautifully organizing recipe tearsheets and online printouts. Bummer they don’t sell ’em in the States (the company Bookbinders Design is based out of Stockholm).

p.s. In case you missed it…more stylish binders and a pretty pink recipe box.  

image credits: 1- photography by ditte isager for donna hay magazine via dustjacket attic, 2 & 3 – recipe kitchen binder by bookbindersdesign
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Cooking Utensils Within Easy Reach

A kitchen rail positioned above or near the stove is a great way to keep frequently used cooking utensils easily accessible and in a neat row.
sycamorestreetpress-hangingkitchenutensilsstyle at home glitter guide
Make your own with a short metal curtain rod and steel s-hooks. Check out this example.
image credits: 1-photography by Bernard Touillon for Cote Sud via dress design decor ; 2- photography by Roger Davies via Architectural Digest; 3- livingetc, via sycamore street press ; 4-photography by Tim Melideo as seen in the glitter guide; 5livingetc, via sycamore street press.; 6-photography by Scott Hawkins as seen in Beachside Home; 7-domino magazine
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