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How Laura Organizes Her Shoes

This month’s first guest participating in the ‘How I Organize’ series is the incredibly chic Laura of Laura Cattano Organizational Design and of the blog The Order Obsessed. She shows us how she beautifully organizes her shoes in her dressing area :

My dressing area is set up like my personal boutique with everything organized and displayed beautifully. This Lack bookcase from Ikea fits three pairs across perfectly, and there’s room in the back for my special occassion shoes stored in their original box. Positioning the shoes front to back saves space. Off-season shoes are put away to give more room and so I’m not distracted by ones I can’t wear now. 

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Moldings as Shoe Racks

Rows of picture rail or ornamental molding work beautifully as a fun way to creatively arrange and display high heels in a closet or dressing room.
Would you try this idea in your own home?
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Photograph Labeled Shoe Boxes

If you like to store your shoes in boxes, it’s a good idea to label them to allow for easy identification. Photograph labels are my favorite. Simple snapshots adhered onto the boxes will do, but if you want to step it up a notch, how about taking up-close detail shots of the shoes and sticking them onto pretty kraft paper tags, like this:
If photography isn’t your strong suit, you can try searching online for your shoes. Companies usually include high quality photographs in their product pages and you can print those out to use for your labels.
image credit: via house to home
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Shoe Ottoman

Ottomans are so great because they often serve double (or triple) duty. I love that this one is secretly outfitted with 16 pockets for storing shoes (or other things!) and is lined with a pretty fabric that adds such a fun unexpected punch of color.
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Beautifully Organized Space of the Week

This week’s beautifully organized space is from Caroline‘s tiny 475 sqft studio apartment. I love how she maximized storage potential by using over the door shoe racks to organize her collection of shoes. Don’t they look so pretty arranged by color?
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Closet Organization: Boots

During these cold weather months it’s nice to have boots easily accessible in the closet. A good way to keep them standing up straight and in an orderly line is to use boot inserts. Inserts help boots retain theirs shape and prevent them from flopping and toppling over into an unattractive pile.


You can find boot inserts at various places including here and here. For a super inexpensive alternative, use old magazines as inserts (that’s what I use for my boots!). *Update: Jami of Imagine shared another super inexpensive alternative: old wine bottles!
Picture 17Picture 18
If you’d prefer, you can hang up your boots by making something like this with cedar boot trees and large cup hooks, or using something like this or this:
image credits: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
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Ideas for Organizing Your Shoes

As I was oohhing and ahhing my way through the flickr album of the incredibly gorgeous home of fellow blogger Sam Reitmayer Sano, I spotted a few noteworthy ideas for organizing shoes:

A shoe tree makes use of vertical space and since most models rotate, it allows for easy access.


Use the gaps of a wooden crate to hang your heeled shoes. A unique idea for those who like to display their shoes and have something unexpected in their space.


Under-shelf wire baskets are usually seen in kitchens, but they’re great in closets too. They maximize space and are pretty versatile. Tip: If you shop for one of these baskets, whether online or in-store, make certain it’s tall enough to fit the type of shoe you want it to hold. Measure first, then shop!

*To see the rest of her swoon-worthy home click here.

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Beautifully Organized Space of the Week

An unexpected closet in the master bath with a library ladder for reaching items stored in high shelves and cabinets.

image credit: home of jill robertson via design sponge
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Beautifully Organized Space of the Week

I thought this was so wonderfully unique I had to share:

photo from a Japanese magazine via le club du style

A drawing (not a photograph!) of each pair of shoes to identify the contents of the boxes! Beautiful!
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